Denim Heritage

In Peserico's history, denim plays a key role from the very beginning.
In the 1960s, Maria Peserico met Adriano Goldschmied, the father of Italian-style denim: this was the beginning of a long collaboration and friendship that led Peserico to focus on the production of denim pants for more than 5 years, combining the tailoring skills of the Venetian tradition with the versatility of the canvas with its timeless appeal.













disegno del modello di un jeans

Denim is an indispensable element within the Peserico collections: each season it is reinterpreted with new cuts, fits, washes and colors, making itself an undisputed spokesperson for contemporary trends.

ritaglio modello di denim in ufficio stile

preparazione denim in manifattura peserico

The cut and tailoring show the brand's distinctive sartorial knowledge: skill and accuracy are expressed through the creation of jeans that combine comfort and performance with Peserico design. 

trattamento del denim nella produzione di un denim Peserico

The washing of the denim is a key step in defining the identity of the garment. From a single starting base, infinite shades of color can be obtained. Careful manual steps combine craftsmanship and technical knowledge to achieve sought-after effects of great impact. Each wash and treatment chosen allows the best interpretation of Peserico style through jeans with sophisticated tones, in line with the style of the collections.

trattamento di un giubbino in jeans Peserico

lavaggio di un denim chiaro Peserico

A fabric that has been able to reinvent itself in every era, becoming a symbol of versatility capable of fitting into the most sophisticated outfit as well as into casual chic ones. An emblem of classicism and avant-garde, history and future, denim knows how to interpret streetwear and tailoring by condensing them into a single garment that is absolutely a must-have.

denim Peserico di tre colori, chiaro, azzurro e blu

Denim co trattamento colorato Peserico

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