THE GIRL IN THE GALLERY – Venice art tour

PESERICO EN PLEIN AIR - An art tour in Venice together with the art historian Cristina Giopp, "The Girl in the Gallery"

Venice kicks off the 59th International Art Exhibition, an event of global resonance accompanied by numerous expositions in key locations around the city, and Peserico celebrates this special event with an En plein air tour of some of the must-see exhibitions in the lagoon. The young art critic Cristina Giopp - known to most through her Instagram page The Girl in the Gallery - is Peserico's exceptional ambassador, who will accompany followers and enthusiasts into the heart of the most anticipated cultural event of 2022.

Chosen locations? The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with a focus on the exhibition "Surrealism and Magic. The enchanted modernity"; Punta della Dogana, with the exhibition "Bruce Nauman - Contrapposto studies" and the evocative background of the Grand Canal and Campo della Salute; the Giardini della Biennale facing the basin of San Marco, where Cristina Giopp will introduce the contents of the 59th edition of the International Art Exhibition of Venice, entitled "Il latte dei sogni". Finally the Peserico boutique, where two works by the Venetian painter Vittorio Marchi, master of "en plein air" painting, will be displayed in the window.

His paintings have inspired the Peserico Spring/Summer 2022 collection: the delicacy of his colours and the lightness of his touch on the canvas, recalling the colours of the Veneto countryside, can be found in the season's garments, a true celebration of nature awakening and of the Vicenza-based company's bond with its territory.
"Peserico En plein air" is an itinerary created to express Peserico's bond with art in Venice, the city that is the symbol of the Veneto region in the world, a photographic reportage, accompanied by video-pillages, that encapsulates each moment through the narration of an expert and passionate voice.
A digital storytelling to convey the electrifying atmosphere of Venice, which has always been an international promoter of art and culture.